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While #hydrocarbon resources are #Africa’s unique lever for its #industrialization –it also has to recognise that solving it’s #energyaccess challenge will require efforts that go beyond only using its hydrocarbon resources (in large-centralised plants).

#Renewables can penetrate remote areas which are outside grid coverage, expanding energy access and bolstering energy security.

As such renewables are not at odds with Africa’s hydrocarbon endowments, rather they complement. The #justtransition will be actualised not in exclusion of key energy sources, rather in inclusion of.

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AEC Cartoon: Renewables can compete with gas and fossil fuels

Sunshak Diyen

Sunshak is a senior researcher at the African Energy Institute. He has 20 years experience across the energy verticals of power, hydrogen, oil, gas, LNG and renewable energy. He holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham, UK.