Who We Are

The African Energy Council (AEC) is an independent thinktank of experts who work across the African Energy Landscape. Our purpose is creating a better energy future for the African continent and society by accelerating a just energy transition to net zero. We do this by:

• informing energy decision-making through convening expertise and advice;
• and enabling industry and consumers to make energy lower carbon, safer and more efficient.
• attracting, developing and equipping the diverse future energy workforce;

As a professional organization AEC provides leading insights on global trends in energy transition, technologies, and strategic implications for private-sector businesses and public-sector institutions. The council is dedicated to combining objective technological insights with economical perspectives to define the consequences in a rapidly changing energy landscape, exploring how businesses may both capture the opportunities that arise and address the challenges that face them in this complex and often uncertain shift.

The Vision

To create for Africa, a robust, equitable and dynamic energy sector that is better prepared to address both domestic and global energy needs.

The Mission

Our mission is to put Africa at the centre of global energy decision making by providing research, insights, opportunities and programmes that will enhance its competitiveness and standing within the energy space.

Our core pillar….

Where Africa Connects for Energy Related Matters

Energy is the cornerstone of modern civilization –and is the pathway to Africa’s rapid industrialization. It impacts every area of the African way of life – from how we get to work and feed our families, to the world economy and global security. Energy shapes the prosperity and sustainability of people and the planet. Energy policy solutions informed by rigorous research and dialogue are key to addressing climate change, increasing access to energy and sparking innovation for a thriving global energy economy.
The African Energy Council advances smart, actionable and evidence-based energy and climate solutions through research, education and dialogue.

Timely and Impactful Analysis

To make sense of the rapidly changing African energy landscape, we need data-driven and actionable policy solutions that respond to the challenges of today in real time. AEC produces best-in-class academic research delivered in formats and timeframes that are accessible and useful.

Solving Real World Problems

Too often, decision makers in Africa struggle to find independent, fact-based analysis and the specific information they need to solve the immense challenges facing the energy sector. AEC was founded for this purpose. AEC bridges the gap between academic research and policy. Our scholars and fellows – senior energy experts from government, academia, industry and nongovernmental organizations – are frequently called upon to provide policy makers and global business leaders with the information, analysis and insight they need.

Connecting Decision Makers

Across the African continent, conversations around energy and climate are becoming more polarized. We need global, multidisciplinary, cross-sector dialogue to share ideas, create solutions and foster cooperation. AEC is the premier hub and policy lab for global energy thought leadership. We connect policy makers, business and civil society leaders, entrepreneurs, innovators and journalists, creating a global forum that provides insight to decision makers tasked with solving the world’s energy challenges.

Inspiring Tomorrow’s Leaders

African needs advances in policy, technology and finance to unlock energy and climate solutions. Achieving these advances requires policies informed by high-caliber research and diverse and innovative energy leaders. AEC is training tomorrow’s thinkers, leaders and communicators. Initiatives like the African Future Leaders Program at AEC provides education, career and mentorship opportunities to the next generation of energy and climate leaders.