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“Pandemic lockdowns” + “Supply chain disruptions” + “Double digit inflation” + Russian-Ukraine war” + “Energy price hikes” + “looming recession”, mean that many global economies (like Sri Lanka) are at the brink of collapse.   

Just last week Bloomberg reported that two African countries (Angola & Gabon) are at a fiscal cliff edge, due to current global headwinds. Additionally, Nigeria’s debt servicing for the last few months, exceeded its revenue –signifying difficult times ahead.

How could the looming recession, affect African countries? What implications could this have on geo-political stability, social dynamics and economic prosperity? Are there opportunities to be capitalised on in the global chaos?  Big questions, few answers!

Sunshak Diyen

Sunshak is a senior researcher at the African Energy Institute. He has 20 years experience across the energy verticals of power, hydrogen, oil, gas, LNG and renewable energy. He holds a PhD from the University of Nottingham, UK.