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Exxon Mobil has committed to increasing its production by approximately 40,000 barrels per day as part of the initial phase of an upcoming investment initiative in Nigeria.

In an audience with the Nigerian Leader, President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, in New York, President of ExxonMobil Global Upstream Operations, Liam Mallon, who led a delegation consisting of the global leadership of an oil and gas transnational giant, acknowledged the commitment President Tinubu is bringing to bear on behalf of Nigeria.

Mallon assured the Nigerian leader that he is well placed to reciprocate the President’s efforts, stating that global upstream international operations are growing their production and that they are working hard on expanding deep water production.

The ExxonMobil President expressed that their team had indeed followed through on their commitment to collaborate with the organization, leading to substantial advancements since their last meeting. These achievements include an increase in production and diligent efforts to expand deepwater production. The President acknowledged and valued these efforts and pledged a reciprocal response, emphasizing that the timing is opportune. Gratitude was expressed for the leadership provided.

President Tinubu says that following his eminent private sector career as a professional accountant in the oil and gas industry, he has proven his capacity to take difficult decisions as President, and he is best prepared to solve problems and crush all bottlenecks standing in the way of new and large-scale capital flowing into Nigeria’s oil and gas industry.