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The Angolan National Oil, Gas, and Biofuels Agency (ANPG) has qualified nine companies, encompassing both domestic and foreign entities, as operators for the Lower Congo and Kwanza onshore basins.

The ANPG announced, in a statement made public on January 22, 2024, that this is the result of the 2023 public tender for 12 oil blocks for the aforementioned onshore basins, which was based on the evaluation of “financial and technical capacity and suitability” for the qualification of companies and the setting up of contractor groups.

Etu Energias, Sonangol, Serinus Energy, Walcot Limited, Acrep S.A., Grupo Simples Oil, Intank Group, Transoceanic, and ACE Energy were among the nine companies qualified as operators. Sonangol, Grupo Simples Oil, Afentra, Enagol, and Effimax Energy were qualified as non-operators.

According to ANPG, the national concessionaire, the final score resulted from the evaluation of the proposals received and the requirements for the quality of the concessionaire’s associates, resulting in the composition of four contractor groups.
Etu Energias (50%) will act as operator of Block CON2, with Effimax Energy (30%) and Simples Oil (20%) as non-operators.

Block CON8 will be operated by Etu Energias (40%), Effimax Energy (30%), Simples Oil (20%), and Enagol (10%) as non-operators. Serinus Energy (55%) will act as operator of Block KON13, and Effimax Energy (30%) and Sonangol (15%) will be non-operators. For Block KON19, Acrep (45%) will act as operator and Afentra (45%) and Enagol (10%) as non-operators.

The Angolan concessionaire additionally stated that they are making available blocks with no operator (CON7 and KON7), blocks with unsatisfactory bids (CON3, KON10, and KON15), and blocks with no bids (KON1, KON3, and KON14) for the formation of contractor groups.