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The 130MW Flexicycle power plant in Malicounda, Senegal, has been announced as fully operational by Wärtsilä after an official inauguration ceremony attended by President Sall.

The plant, which is situated in Mbour and is located 85 km south of Dakar, is expected to generate 956GWh of power annually, resulting in a 17% increase in Senegal’s power generation capacity. Matelec, a major energy company in Africa, is responsible for operating the plant, while a 10-year maintenance agreement with Wärtsilä will ensure its high availability and reliability.

Matelec, who was the plant EPC contractor, selected Wärtsilä for the delivery of its energy efficient 130MW Flexicycle power generation technology. The Malicounda power plant comprises seven 18V50 engines and a steam turbine, combining the advantages of a simple-cycle operation with the high efficiency of a combined cycle plant. Its fast load-following power capability means that the plant is ideally suited to maintain system reliability, and able to offer the flexibility needed as intermittent renewable energy is progressively added to Senegal’s power grid.

The plant will initially operate on heavy fuel oil, however, there is an option to convert the plant to run on locally supplied gas from the GTA field once it becomes available, further lowering the cost of energy.

The statement acknowledges the trust that their partners have placed in Wärtsilä Energy to provide their advanced Flexicycle technology for an important project. The company has a strong presence in Senegal, and it is pleased to see another significant power plant using their technology fully operational. The company is confident that the high efficiency of the plant will help Senegal reduce its electricity production costs. Marc Thiriet, the director for Africa at Wärtsilä Energy, made this statement.

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